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Invest in Products, Not Stocks

Let me start this blog post with a question – During the start of the pandemic did you reach for the next greatest stock pick or did you reach for that last roll of toilet paper? Don’t lie you ran for the toilet paper… That’s okay because in my opinion you chose the right option of the two.

Don’t agree with me? Yeah some of you won’t, but here’s my argument. When the world comes crashing down and things start to get bad. My two predictions

  1. You are going to take your money out of the market.
  2. No one is going to care about your investments when by human nature we are trying to survive.

Stay with me here. If we set the scene as an apolocpyse world no one cares about gold, but rather people care about things and resources. Much like the beginning of the coronavirus the market took a tumble and things began to sell and go out of stock. When the shit really hits the fan, investments are nice to have, but people are looking to survive. You can think of it like going back to the old world of bartering for things that you need for your daily life.

Take a look at this 6 month chart of eBay in the market. You can see the dip during the height of the pandemic, and the gradual rise as small businesses start to get online. Ebay is one of the e-commerce sites that is going to distinguish themselves versus Amazon and others because they are similar to a decentralized network. Instead of being a couple fulfillment centers, every user account becomes their own “fulfillment warehouse” where their stock is located.

6 month historical chart, eBay –

People are always going to need things, and here at Launtch we always have things…

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