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eBay vs Mercari, where to sell?

So this post goes out to anyone who is looking to start selling, or looking to expand their reach with their business. Everything in this post is based on my experience from a personal account to trying our different applications to expand Launtch’s reach.


The advantage of using these third party platforms comes down to one thing – reach. Reach, is probably the biggest attribute when you are just starting out.

When it comes to which platform that can conversation can go on for hours. Now I am going to list out some marketplaces that we use to get these items sold as fast as possible.


Okay so the platform that allows anyone to transform into their own shipping and receiving department is eBay. There are numerous reasons to join eBay, but just to a name a few that come to mind right away are

1. Audience – eBay reach is about 100 million people who regularly search and buy from their site.
2. Listing Catalog – Again due to their reach and amount of sellers on eBay it’s easy to list a similar item and estimate your items worth.
3. Support – I think one of the topics that many people don’t consider when starting a business, personally, or signing up for a service is support. Since eBay is a multi-million dollar company and it’s been around for years it has all the articles and forums that you need to ensure your time with their service is spent correctly.

Now the only thing to consider is the amount of fees that eBay has for your item. There are listing fees, final value fees, shipping fees, promo fees, and others. It is a place to get rid of your item and get it sold fast. However, that does come with a cost.


Mercari is an underdog that I have come to really like as it approaches the US market. If you don’t know about Mercari, you should. “Mercari was first launched in Japan, and is one of the first apps in Japan to reach unicorn status.” I signed up with Mercari almost over two years ago, and since then the company has done a lot to improve their marketplace and adapt with the changing conditions, especially with COVID-19.

1. Simplicity – The app offers a very quick sign-up process and listing and item is essentially one step! It’s a very straight forward UI, and makes everyone feel like a power seller on their app.
2. Fees – Different from eBay every sale done on Mercari has a fee of 10% that goes to Mercari plus the shipping of each transaction. That’s it.
3. Shipping – Mercari must have done a great job with negotiation with carriers. For every item you must designate the items weight, and the subsequent carrier. The prices for shipping are extraordinary so I recommend listing your mid sized items through Mercari.

You can’t go wrong with either of these two platforms. If you are just getting into the selling game, I recommend getting started with Mercari.

If you sign up for Mercari and get up to $30. Here’s my invitation link :

Quick commentary of the article above!

Interested in selling? Don’t know what platform to use? Check out this article covering two of the biggest names out there right now!
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