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Selling small? You need this…πŸ“¦πŸ“¦

If you clicked on this header, my guess is your a small business owner, starting up an online business, or just trying to clean out your house? (That was me years ago, and that’s how it starts for everyone…)

Okay so getting into the main point of this post, if you haven’t already you need to check out Scotch Flex and Seal. I remember when I had to anticipate inventory and make sure that I had enough bubble poly-mailers in a variety of sizes in case something sold.
You know when you just bought those over-sized mailers so you can just fit everything and anything in them, but oh wait! I might need some boxes too!! Soon enough you start to pile on more inventory in shipping materials then actual product that you are selling.

That’s where this flex and seal comes into play. I’ve been using it for pretty much this entire year, and haven’t bought a regular poly-mailer since! It’s great if you are selling textbooks, video games DVDs, anything that’s already boxed up. It’s perfect when you don’t know what you will need.

The best part? It’s self sealing. All you need is a scissor and you start selling right away!

Stop wasting money on different packing supplies. Get a #scotch brand #flexandseal roll instead! @3M
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