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Thank you!

If you are viewing this page that means one of two things;

  1. You are really good at guessing hidden pages on websites (scary).
  2. You recently purchased an item from us, and decided to take it upon yourself to check out what we are all about!!

I am hoping it’s the latter. Right now I want to take the next few minutes to say thanks for buying what you did! It’s not about the money, but letting us service you, get that product in your hands, and help myself grow this side-hustle into something more.

Whether you are visiting because you bought something for a dollar, got a custom shirt designed for you, or purchased directly from our website… (oh, you didn’t know about that last one?) I just wanted to say that I appreciate you picking us because there are probably 121,000,000 million other results of that item that you searched for online.

Now, with that being said you just discovered something really cool and got yourself a nice discount before you even knew what you did. If you are reading this, you took the time to find this page and I want to extend a special offer to you.

If you find an item that you want to purchase that is on any of our third party platforms, send a direct message mentioning “thankyou15“! Receive up to a 15% discount!!

Our History

Started as a hobby and turned into something that brings a connection from all around the internet. From toys and books, to medical equipment and cars. You name it I’ve tried to sell it.

Head on over to our About page to learn more!

Everything is always worth something to someone!

Chris Sandoli, Founder